Discover the people and stories that shape politics around the world. Monitor the reactions of governments, influencers, media and politicians to global, national and local newsworthy events. Understand political trends, globally.

electionista is a platform that follows the people, stories and events that matter to politics around the world, right now. We provide a range of services to discover relevant content, monitor news, analyse and use data more effectively.

We do this through:

  • electionista.com - a platform to follow all the politicians, governments, political parties, embassies, parliaments and politics media & commentators on Twitter - all their tweets and the links they're sharing most - by country, in over 100 countries around the world. electionista also includes a calendar of all upcoming elections.
  • data-driven projects, campaigns and visualisations, and the provision of curated data, content and analysis relevant to politics on Twitter anywhere in world.
  • consultancy, training and advisory around strategic communications, the use of data, and digital diplomacy.
  • electionista's clients include global news organisations, governments & embassies, international organisations and companies.